Nordic Style Candleholders
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MY candleholders are designed for you to 


Design you own beaded candleholder

Choose size & model

Several different sizes to choose from

Choose Colors

Mix & Match your favorite colors of jumbo beads for your design

Get inspired

Check out our pre-designed sets and get inspired

Get inspired!

Design your candleholder to match your home or any occasion 

Design for yourself or a friend

Hear it from our customers

Eva on Jan 16, 2021


I love these! They’ve got the perfect retro look to go with my vintage vases. I bought two different sizes with balls in green and turquoise and a few extra to change the look. Thank you Susan for putting together these beautiful candle holders, and for packaging them so well.



Tinna on Dec 30, 2020


A colleague and friend both got a set each and they love them Just being able to “design” them yourself, so you know it’s just the right gift, it’s great ♥ ️


Check out all our colors

We have a large variety of colors to choose from. 

Mix and match your favorite colors of beads for your candle holder


1. Choose Style & Height

Which do you prefer? 

A few magestically tall candle holders for taper candles at the dinner table?

Or not so tall and fitted for tealights for the window on a cosy evening?

Currently we offer 4 heights of candleholders and 2 types of fittings for the candles

With each size we tell you how many beads will fit each size. 

Our beads come in both ceramic and wood.

Mix them to make your own personal design.

2. Choose Colors

Black or white?

Grey or green?

Red or rose? 

You can design your candleholders to match your home decor – any time.

Should you change your home decor you just visit us again to get a new set of colored ball that matches the new colors of your home.

MY candleholders are easy to assemble and take apart to alter the design any way you want.